My name is Mariah Hinds and I am passionate about dogs and training and border collies. I've wanting to breed a litter and do as much early training as I can for over a decade. I love the drive and versatility that border collies have and I look forward to contributing to this wonderful breed.   

I want to produce Border Collies who are great family dogs and that have the overall temperament, work ethic, drive and structure to be able to do dog sports such as agility, obedience, or working stock. These traits include willingness to cooperate with people, a desire to work when asked but also the ability to 'turn off' when not working; and a confident personality that allows the dog to be resilient and take reasonable pressure/stress without having a melt down. I seek to breed resilient dogs who have some grit to push through a challenge and with the drive and push to keep trying when they make a mistake... and the dogs need a body built to carry that willingness, drive and persistence as far as it needs to go. I am based in Charlotte, NC.

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