Rock x Sprout

To be bred Fall 2024

Sprout will be bred for the first time. Her mother is the amazing Talent who truly is talented in all that she does. Her father is Moel Sweep who is an amazing herding dog imported from Whales. All of the puppies from her litter are incredible athletes, powerhouses in their sport, very active, and eager to show their athleticism given any small opportunity. Sprout herself excels in my sport of choice- competition obedience. She's absolutely amazing at the accuracy that competition obedience requires and she's eager to work hard for the thin reinforcement schedule that the sport requires. She puts maximum effort into it. But if I ask Sprout, then her favorite activity is squirrel hunting followed by running as fast as possible to outrun her mom and her sister. Sprout's brothers and sisters are mainly in agility homes and they all have an incredible desire to move as efficiently as possible and to go as fast as possible. Because of the entire litter's amazing athleticism, I want to make sure that I breed Sprout to a very calm, level headed, easy going male who still has plenty of drive and eagerness to work. Send me a message to see videos of her siblings and their amazing speed and turning ability in agility. 

Sprout will be bred to Rock. He was imported from Europe and then owned by Nicole Rhodes to do some more sheepdog training. Rock has always lived on herding farms and most likely didn't experience regular bath, toenail trims, children, or lots of interactions with strangers. His amazing temperament is a testament to his good genetics. When he arrived off the plane to his current owner Grace Bassette, she immediately brought him to a busy pet store to give him a bath. He handled it beautifully and he didn't care about the force blow dryer, the toenail trims or the busy environment. He also immediately was calm, loving, and gentle with Grace's daughter without any aloofness. Grace hasn't heard Rock bark at all yet. Rock gets along with other intact males even with females in heat nearby. Rock is friendly with children, other dogs, and strangers. Rock ignores squirrels and the free-range ducks. Both Sprout and Rock have a really high toy drive and both love swimming. Both Sprout and Rock don't care about fireworks and thunderstorms (although Sprout really thinks that fireworks means she should grab a toy and play loudly). 

Rock comes from a pedigree packed with amazing herding dogs. His 8 brothers and sisters are doing amazing herding sheep across the world. His grandmother Henna was sold at auction for a record breaking 20,000 sterling. His grandfather Red won a few open trials and is still going strong at 10 years old.  Send me a message and I can send you videos of his siblings working sheep. 


  • Rock is 19 inches tall and 38 pounds. 
  • Sprout is 20 inches tall and 32 pounds. 


  • Rock is normal on OFA elbows, shoulder and spine. Due to a miscommunication with the veterinarian, the hip x-ray needs to be redone for OFA but it looks like it'll go Excellent or Good to the naked eye. 
  • Sprout is normal on OFA elbows, shoulders and spine. Sprout has OFA excellent hips. Most of her litter have also had OFAs done and all have also been Excellent so far. 
  • Rock is clear on the Optimal Selection panel. 
  • Sprout is a CEA carrier but since Rock is clear, no affected puppies can be produced. 

With Sprout's amazing athleticism and eagerness to do anything with maximum effort and enthusiasm combined with Rock's ability to stay calm, cool and collected regardless of how exciting the task is, I feel that these puppies will be amazing athletes and they will retain the ability to think under pressure. With both of their abilities to be bomb proof in new locations, these puppies should excel in thinking sports such as agility, rally, and trick training among the other more physically demanding activities. These puppies will be rough or smooth coated and they will all be red and white. I was searching for a really calm male that could only produce black puppies because I wanted to avoid another colorful litter but I believe that Rock is the best suited male for Sprout's first litter. Rock is an 8-hour drive from us and I expect the breeding to take place in April or May of 2024. 

Puppy from this litter





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