As a full-time dog trainer for the past 20 years, I feel like I have watched the quality of dogs in homes decline. I am passionate about breeding and raising border collies because I would like to make sure that nice dogs are available to the people who want to do active sports and activities with their border collies. My goal is to produce healthy, athletic border collies with great temperaments suitable to live in the city or on a farm. In order to excel at sports, border collies need to have adequate drive to want to work, enough level-headedness to remain thoughtful while working, plenty of confidence, and they need to have good structure and healthy bodies in order to do the work or sport desired. I aim to produce puppies who will  excel in thinking sports such as agility, rally, and trick training and the other more physically demanding sports like dock diving and disc. Of course, I don't have the opportunity to splice the genetics myself when breeding two wonderful dogs together, but I do all that I can to research pedigrees, look at the epilepsy database, look at the OCD database, talk to sibling owners, and everything else that I can think of to choose the best male for the female that I am looking to breed. I feel like a lot of people assume that if there is no information about a stud dog that all the information is good, whereas, I find it to be really important to have a good amount of information about a stud dog before choosing to use him in my breeding program. I pride myself on being willing to drive for multiple days in order to get to the best male for the female that I'm looking to breed.

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Once the puppies arrive, I enjoy doing early scent introduction to start the puppies on a path of being adventurous learners. I hold and cuddle each puppy multiple times each day. I do my best to introduce toenail trims in a way that is not traumatizing for the puppies. They get to experience new textures and surfaces to walk on. I rotate through toys regularly too- probably too frequently because most of the puppies go home thinking that every object is a toy even metal buckets making loud banging noises. Lol. My goal is to produce puppies who are confident and eager to explore all the new things. I also really enjoy taking the puppies on trips and the cart to Home Depot or the fabric store to meet new people when they are ready for that. I enjoy doing early confidence building training sessions such as the wobble board and building their joy of tugging (although that mostly comes naturally anyway) with the puppies before they go to their new homes.

My goal with the homes that I choose for the puppies that I produce is to find homes who will prioritize each puppy's mental happiness and enrichment. I am currently accepting inquiries and applications for my upcoming litters. Potential breeding rights can be discussed since I love coaching people through the process of breeding and raising incredible puppies. Send me a message and let's chat! Be Brilliant Performance Dogs is based in Charlotte, NC and our puppies are $2000.