Talent x Thatcher!

Fall of 2022

Talent will be bred in mid-July to the amazing Thatcher! Puppies would be expected around early September.


About Thatcher:

Here's what Thatcher's owner says about him: "Thatcher is a blast to train and trial thanks to his massive work ethic and enthusiasm. He made himself at home instantly and hit the ground running with high food and toy drive. He is a dynamic, pushy dog on livestock and a natural at driving. Thatcher always brings 100% and loves doing any sort of job, be it bringing sheep or the tv remote. He settles well when not working and can be found asleep on the couch."

"Thatcher is unfailingly happy and adores people of all ages, especially kids. He has no sound sensitivities. We travel often and he is unphased by new experiences and big cities. He is a very pleasant dog to have around. His parents are both highly accomplished Open dogs and his littermates have all competed in sheepdog trial dogs, 4/5 ran Nursery and 3 competed in the national finals in 2021 as well as both parents." Learn more about Thatcher here: https://vb-bordercollies.weebly.com/thatcher.html

I think that with Thatcher's amazing athletic ability, temperament, pedigree, health (including health of relatives), turning speed, and structure, that these will be amazing puppies!


About Talent:

Talent competes primarily in obedience and disc (frisbee), but has also tried her paw at agility, herding, dock diving and Fast CAT. She has proved to be, quite literally, talented at everything she does. Talent is very food driven and also really enjoys toy play and disc. Tali ignores fireworks and thunderstorms. Talent loves people and quickly wants to be a lap dog with everyone she meets. She is incredibly dog savvy.  She can walk into anyone's home or any environment and be her normal happy self. Tali is a super little worker and does everything with enthusiasm! She settles easily when there is no work to be done and although, she loves doing things, she is unphased if she doesn't get to train for 3 or 4 days in a row. Learn more about Talent here: https://brilliant-dogs.com/all-about-talent

Talent is out of a long line of amazing agility and herding dogs. Her sisters are amazing agility and herding dogs. Her brothers do nice work in agility and flyball and as a service dog. Her uncles Jagger, Mach and Caper have been on many world teams for agility.  Her great uncle is Ripley who has produced amazing dogs such as Tawni Millet's Jolt. Her great grandma Rio was a very accomplished agility dog and was on the Canadian world team repeatedly.  Talent's sister Una has been in national finals in agility in multiple venues and her sister Surf competes in herding. 

Thatcher & Talent in action

Thatcher Health Information: 

Hips: OFA Excellent: www.ofa.org/advanced-search?f=sr&appnum=2240990 
DNA: CEA/EAOD carrier: www.wisdompanel.com/app/s/zyc5xf Since Talent is clear, no EAOD or CEA affected puppies can be produced. 
CAER: Normal Summer 2019 
Brucellosis Negative November 2021 

4/5 of Thatcher’s litter were OFA hip tested, 
3 are Excellent, 1 is Good. Thatcher’s parents are OFA Good.​ 

Thatcher is 20.5" and 38 lbs. 


Talent Health Information: 

Talent is OFA Excellent, Elbows and Shoulders Normal and BAER Normal. 

DNA: clear of everything including EAOD & CEA. 

7/8 of Talent's litter were OFA hip and shoulder tested. They were all excellent or good with normal shoulders. 

Talent is 19.9″ and 34 lbs. 


Puppy Raising: 

To give the puppies the absolute best start in life, we will be doing Early Scent introduction, Early Neurologic Stimulation, and Puppy Culture. Puppies will be vet checked and receive BAER testing. We are also really excited to do early clicker training, and lots of social outings to let them see the world before they go home with their new owners.   

We expect these puppies will be very friendly personalities who are high drive and eager to do whatever sport you're skilled at making fun for your dog. With this breeding, puppies can be blue merle, red merle, black and white, and red and white with or without tri markings. The puppies can be smooth or rough coated.    

It is really important to me to produce puppies who excel in any environment and are set up to be the best they can be. I take pride in taking the puppies to a wide range of locations to build their confidence prior to them going to their new homes. I enjoy doing regular training with each puppy between 5 and 8 weeks old, including working on toy skills, early shaping, socialization, resource guarding prevention, crate training, and body handling. With the previous litter, I ended up taking 50 hours off of work the last three weeks to ensure that the puppies got the best start with early training. I plan to do just as much early training with the puppies to ensure that they are thinking dogs.  

These puppies will thrive in active, sport homes and my preference is for homes where the owner will update me monthly with pictures or updates on the puppy. 

Contact us if you think you would be a great home for one of these puppies!